Thursday, February 2, 2012

Easy Ways to Make Money Online - CPA networks

Today, CPA networks are one of the main types of make money online.

    CPA = Cost Per Action = pay-per-action. The advertiser assigns action targeted visitor of the site for which the partners are directing traffic to the advertiser's site, are paid. Thus there is a voluntary surfing of Internet users in accordance with their interests.

The concept of CPA marketing CPA includes such models as the CPS and CPL, where S - is for sale or Sale, and L - the act or Lead. That is, register on the site it is CPL, and to buy goods - CPS.
How does it work?
- The network accommodates the application of advertisers
 - Partners attract targeted visitors
-  Users come to the advertiser's site and perform the necessary tasks
 - The advertiser gets the customers, partners - reward for attracting new customers.

When choosing a CPA-network (affiliate) should pay attention to the following:
1. The presence of a partner program support services.
2. Offers must have the best commission.
3. Offer, presented in the CPA-network, have a good conversion. In the general case is considered an acceptable ROI of 3%. That is, from 100 people to an affiliate program, make the lead three or purchase.
4. The presence of a variety of means to promote offer (banners in different sizes, text links, e-mails).
5. Affiliate can provide high-quality affilianta system statistics.

If you are working with several CPA-networks, the site you can choose to offer a CPA-network.
Thus the entire list you take the 20-30 offer.

 Next, pick the appropriate keywords for your offer (the more the better) with:

     - Keyword Discovery
     - 7Search
You have to remember about the tracking - tracking for some ads and keywords in the affiliate obtain clicks. You can use special systems of both paid and free (for example, Tracking202). For starters, you can simply send a note to affiliate keywords, identifiers, declarations, and websites, which was made with a click. The results of your efforts in looking for statistics, affiliate tracking systems or those with whom you work.
Tracking 202 is one of the most popular tracking solutions out , and it’s free. Tracking 202 is a great solution for anyone starting out, or advanced with creating ad campaigns and looking for a way to track clicks, leads and conversions on ad campaigns of all levels and sources.
  Run a campaign. Choose the company that work. Non-performing ads remove running improves.
  You can try the company  AdWork Media com.
AdWork Media affiliate network has many types of affiliate products such as CPA ( Cost Per Action ), CPL (Cost Per Lead), CPS ( Cost Per Sale ), Content Gateway / Product Locking. This affiliate network has over than 200 high paying affiliate programs that you can promote on your blog or site.

Adwork media also has referral program where affiliate gets 3% commission on referrals' earning.
You have found a way to make some money?
Good luck!


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